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10 Garden Hacks (Beginner)

When you don’t have a lot of growing space, you have to figure out ways to do more with less. Here are 10 of my best garden hacks to save you time, energy and resources when small plot gardening.

Building Community with a Garden (Beginner)

You may want to grow more than food… if you’re interested in growing community, here’s what it takes to cultivate and maintain a neighborhood garden. Karen's pep talk will guid you through what to look for in a garden space and how to get some land.

Building Soil Quickly (Beginner)

If you have ‘bad’ soil or no soil, Greg demonstrates how to build lasagna style planting beds so you can build soil and plant food quickly. Make sure you check out the Q&A session all about what makes quality soil.

Replacing Irrigation with Hugelkultur (Advanced)

Do you have access to dead trees? Building hugelkultur (raised garden) beds may be your answer to completely eliminating manual irrigation. Paul walks you through best practices and lessons learned for how to build a hugelkultur bed properly. Learn more at

Closed Loop Aquaponic Systems (Beginner)

Two-for-one system: grow fish and veggies! Aquaponics is a great way to recycle nutrients and use water efficiently to grow food. Take a tour of OKO Farms as Yemi demonstrates her low-tech systems. Learn more at

Electric Poultry Fencing to Protect Your Livestock (Beginner)

If you manage free-range livestock as your garden fertilization method, you'll want an easy to move fencing to get your animals where you want them and protect them from predators. Learn more at

Harvesting Like a Pro (Advanced)

John is a farmer who can harvest 10 pounds of lettuce in less than a minute. And he can wash it all in five minutes. Tour his systems for inspiration. Afterwards, join us LIVE for a harvesting and gadget conversation on July 27. Learn more at

Let Nature Do the Work (Advanced)

Take a tour of Shawn’s bio-integrated homestead and all his elegant yet low-tech solutions for rainwater collection and water conservation. Grab a copy of his book The Bio-Integrated Farm on Chelsea Green's website.

Goats as Composters (Beginner)

Are you thinking about raising animals to bring fertility into your garden? Nathan claims his goats are his secret weapon to eliminating composting. Learn the basics for keeping goats happy and effective in your garden. Check out Nathan's upcoming event

Keeping Animals Hydrated (Beginner)

Are you spending a lot of time caring for animals? Marjory demonstrates how an easy-to-make watering system can meet all your animal needs: livestock, pets and wildlife. It’s simple, effective and ensures and you’ll spend less time worrying about animals hydration.

Growing Food with Kids (Beginner)

When you grow with family, you have a lot more fun. Joining hands makes your workload lighter plus you ignite kids' imagination for fresh food and gardening. Find out how to start a school garden and what makes it different from your backyard garden.

Maximizing Health with Herbs (Beginner)

We eat garden-fresh foods for our health, but are we getting all our nutrients? Find out why herbs may be the missing link, and what the one kitchen gadget hiding in your closet is that'll ensure you enjoy tons of tasty, herbal medicine.

Growing Mushrooms Anywhere (Beginner)

Discover mushroom growing basics: grow on logs, recycled materials, and intercropped in your garden beds. Tradd shares which mushrooms are easiest to grow and how to make them spread like crazy. Learn more at

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From Leila Mireskandari and Kids Growing City

Seed Starting with Kids - Get Kids Excited to Grow

When school gardening, every activity (including starting seeds indoors) needs to consider that teachers, are busy, the students are young (activity has to be age appropriate), and stakes are higher: Parents, students, principal and other staff members are looking up to the teachers to succeed. Discover the dos and don'ts of starting seeds inside your classroom.

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