More harvest, less work…

Gardening doesn’t have to be a chore! Once you get the hang of the right tools and techniques, it’s relaxing and rewarding. Let these visionary gardeners show you ways to grow more while doing less, gadgets that do the heavy lifting for us, and ideas that make gardening simpler during this FREE, online event.


David the Good

Super Easy Composting


Marjory Wildcraft

Grow Half the Animal Protein For Family of 4 In Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day


Greg Peterson

Tap into Nature’s Compost System to Simplify Life in the Garden


Crystal Messerole

How to Grow a NON-STOP Supply of Nutrient-Rich Microgreens

Kami McBride

3 Easy Rituals to Use Your Garden Herbs for Everyday Health & Wellness


Michael Kilpatrick

Seed Starting 101 – Perfect Garden Transplants EVERY Time


Amy Landers

5 Hacks to Garden with Kids WITHOUT Crushing Plants, Complaining & Chaos

Tom Bartels

Supercharge Your SOIL to Avoid Pests, Diseases & Weeds


Bill Osuch

Hydroponic Growing for Beginners: Technology made simple


Vail Dixon

How to Work Together WITH your Weeds to Improve Your Garden


Bret James

Visionary Garden Planning: More Harvest with Less Work


Leila Mireskandari

Let Your Kids Do the Gardening – To Build Confidence & Better Eating for Life

Stacey Murphy – Summit Host

Stacey has traveled to gardens, farms and homesteads across the globe and has curated best practices from coast to coast. She’s obsessed with spreading hacks and tips that make growing food easier for everyone.

Stacey teaches hundreds of teens and adults how to grow, harvest and prepare fresh foods each year. As a recovering engineer and architect turned proud garden geek, Stacey has helped create over an acre of new gardens and farms in Brooklyn. She’s been featured on Martha Stewart Radio, PBS online and once appeared on the David Letterman show brandishing a giant radish. Stacey envisions a world where everyone is nourished by the magic of fresh, affordable and culturally exciting food…extra points if it’s homegrown.

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More homegrown FOOD for a healthier YOU:

  • Building a sustainable and successful garden where NATURE pumps out food and medicine for YOU
  • How to grow 8 servings of nutrient-rich greens in just minutes per week.
  • Delicious recipes, chock full of flavor and nutrients, for all of those herbs and garden greens… even the weeds!
  • Your self care breakthrough starts with your herbs and a couple gadgets you already have in your home.
  • You are what you eat! Simple soil fertility methods for healthy soil leads to healthy plants leads to a healthy YOU… it’s all about ORGANIC 😉
  • Double your tomato harvest… ESPECIALLY in small spaces.

SIMPLIFY your garden and your life:

  • One trick and you will never have to lug around those garden hoses every again!
  • Create garden gifts for any occasion so that you have them ready to go.
  • The BIG garden system that generates compost for you. Step out of the way! Let nature do the heavy lifting for you.
  • powerful practices to prevent weeds from germinating.
  • One trick and you will never have to lug around those garden hoses every again!
  • Why free range rabbits are more cost effective and less work.

More homegrown GOODNESS for a healthier planet:

  • Replenish precious top soil to help contribute to a more stable climate for the next generation.
  • Tools that help you get the job done faster and with ease so you can enjoy more time with your loved ones and on the causes you love.
  • How to grow vegetables with just 2/3 the water… conserve our supply and save money!
  • 7 Garden plants that kids LOVE to grow and eat building a lifetime of good habits.
  • Super easy composting so we can keep precious organic matter out of the landfills and put it back into our gardens where it belongs!

Yes! Claim your FREE spot in the Garden Hack Summit today!

Hey there!

If you want to garden or already have a garden… you’re in the right place. You are a part of a growing movement, the Homegrown Revolution.

You are feeding your loved ones and your community, you are re-defiining the local food system and you are improving the planet. Thank you, you are AWESOME!

And now, it’s time to get even more from your garden: Here you’ll get the latest advice from the visionaries and create a garden that keeps on giving.

I know there are thousands of garden trends and hacks out there. But how do you know if something is truly useful or not? I understand your frustration! That’s why I created this summit… To offer you firsthand insights from top gardening, farming and planting experts about WHY they choose particular techniques and just as importantly, why they DON’T.

This Summit offers professional advice all in one place. And you can listen conveniently from wherever you are.

How does participation work? Sign up by clicking on the link below. Enter your name and email to receive all the details for the FREE event July 25-28.

What if you want to get started watching right away? All the presentations are included in the OPTIONAL upgrade package along with $500+ worth of bonuses. Once you register, you’ll see the details for how to purchase the upgrade package.

A Special Note: We celebrate biodiversity on this Summit, because Nature does too! You’re going to hear from smart and forward-thinking gardeners who work with the full spectrum of garden systems from fungi and vegetables to herbs and animals. We embrace all views on diet and growing systems as a valuable part of the conversation. And some of the speakers are even full-on farmers who help us apply larger principles to our more modest backyards.

I’m thrilled to have the privilege to present you with these speakers who will inspire your green thumb, and I look forward to a fun event featuring garden hacks, how-to’s and so much more.

So please join us and take your growing to another level.

Peace & carrots,
Stacey Murphy (Your Host)

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