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Grow more harvest with less work with the help of these visionaries

Crystal Meserole

How to Grow a NON-STOP Supply of Nutrient-Rich Microgreens

Crystal Messerole

Crystal owns and operates a one-woman wholesale market garden operation in the mountains of western North Carolina. After working and managing local restaurants for over a decade, she saw the need for chefs to have more affordable, organic food available for the delicious creations they craft for us all. She had several years of massive gardening failures and thought that maybe being a grower just wasn’t right for her. Giving it one more try after finding and applying the principles of Stacey Murphy’s Grow Your Own Vegetables course, Crystal transformed the failing garden she worked in her spare time into a successful small farm operation in the first year. Experiencing the rapid transformation to success, Crystal jumped at the opportunity to join Stacey’s mission and help others to transform their failures into opportunities for success and abundance and now works part time for Stacey while maintaining her full time small wholesale farm and expanding to include the farms first neighborhood CSA for 2019 season. Crystal hopes to stand as a clear message to anyone who thinks they can’t grow: You can. Anyone can. With the right system, mindsets, and mentor, everything becomes possible.

Surprise Guest


Stacey Murphy
Your Summit Host

10 Tips for Growing Delicious Tomatoes

Stacey teaches hundreds of teens and adults how to grow, harvest and prepare fresh foods each year. As a recovering engineer and architect turned proud garden geek, Stacey has helped create over an acre of new gardens and farms in Brooklyn. She's been featured on Martha Stewart Radio, PBS online and once appeared on the David Letterman show brandishing a giant radish. Stacey envisions a world where everyone is nourished by the magic of fresh, affordable and culturally exciting food…extra points if it’s homegrown. Grab her best gardening tips weekly over at GrowYourOwnVegetables.org

Bret james

Visionary Garden Planning: More Harvest with Less Work

Bret James

Bret James is a homesteader and permaculture educator farming 30 acres in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California with his family. His farm, Oak Meadows Homestead, is where they trial and teach homesteading and permaculture to people wanting to start their own gardens, farms and sustainable homestead

David the Good

Super Easy Composting

David the Good

David The Good is the author of multiple gardening books including Compost Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting, Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening, Grow or Die: The Good Guide to Survival Gardening and his latest release Turned Earth: A Jack Broccoli Novel, which is almost certainly the world’s first gardening thriller. David has been featured in Mother Earth News, Backwoods Home, Heirloom Gardener Magazine and other outlets. He is also the creator of www.thesurvivalgardener.com as well as a popular YouTube channel. Best of all, he’s also a member of the team here at The Grow Network, co-hosting a podcast with Marjory Wildcraft and contributing his uniquely entertaining articles and videos. David currently lives with his wife Rachel and their children somewhere in Central America where they collect rare edible plants and enjoy growing everything from ackee to yams.

Marjory Wildcraft

Grow Half the Animal Protein for a Family of 4 in Less than 10 Minutes a Day

Marjory Wildcraft

Marjory Wildcraft is the founder of The Grow Network which is the world’s premier community of people who are becoming extremely healthy by making their own medicine and growing their own food.  Marjory has been featured as an expert in sustainable living by National Geographic, has hosted Mother Earth News’ online Homesteading Summit, was honored in Reuters “Food Sustainability Media Award”, and is a regular guest on many national radio and tv shows.

Marjory has shown hundreds of thousands of people how to grow half of their own food, in a backyard, in less than an hour per day.  Her systems are used by foodies, homesteaders, survivalists, missionary organizations, NGO’s, and universities in more than 39 countries. Marjory can be reached at www.TheGrowNetwork.com

Vail Dixon

How to Work Together WITH Your Weeds to Improve Your Garden

Vail Dixon

Vail Dixon is a regenerative farmer and holistic grazing mentor. Her research shows how humans and animals play a vital role in soil regeneration. She is the founder of Simple Soil Solutions™, Grazing Power™ and Living Soils biological soil-building mentorship program. While training to represent her country in the Olympics, a life threatening accident gave Vail an opportunity to experience healing through healthy food and natural methods – even when doctors told her it was impossible. This deeper understanding of our food and farming systems instilled in Vail a passion for healing our soils as a way to rejuvenate our ecology, economy and health. She is now building her own farm in Nelson County VA, into a living example of and training center for Permaculture Design, Holistic Management and Biological farming

Jason Matyas

Planning Your Fall Garden to Maximize Your Growing Season

Jason Matyas

Jason Matyas is a husband, father of seven, homesteader and lifelong gardener, 19 year Air Force veteran, and visionary entrepreneur. He and his children founded a family business (Seeds for Generations) that provides heirloom garden seeds and family gardening inspiration. Jason is also the Executive Producer of the documentary film Beyond Off Grid, and producer of the Return to the Old Paths training media project devoted to inspiring and equipping you to reduce your dependence on the modern economy and seek true freedom by Returning to the Old Paths of productive households and local community interdependence. His latest effort is Get Ready to Thrive, which is focused on helping families increase their self-reliance through household productivity, preparedness, and family business.

Amy Landers

5 Hacks to Garden with Kids WITHOUT Crushing Plants, Complaining & Chaos

Amy Landers

Amy Landers is a nature nerd and mom of three curious boys. Amy has been gardening and composting for more than 25 years. She wrote The Happy Garden Guide to Composting and teaches classes about growing for people and for the planet. Amy is the lead instructor at GardensThatMatter.com, where she and her husband Colby help families grow beautiful, bountiful gardens together.

Kami McBride

3 Easy Rituals to Use Your Garden Herbs for Everyday Health & Wellness

Kami McBride

Kami McBride’s mission is to inspire a cultural shift that embraces taking care of our bodies with healing herbs, a deep connection with the earth and a lifestyle that passes this knowledge on to our children.  She is the is author of The Herbal Kitchen and over the past 27 years has helped thousands of people demystify the world of herbal medicine and learn just how simple it can be to use the healing power of their garden for self-care, to prevent illness and take care of common ailments. She has developed and taught herbal curriculum for UCSF School of Nursing and her work is centered in sustainable wellness practices, creating self-reliance and revitalizing our relationship with the plant world.

Greg Peterson

Tap into Nature's Compost System to Simplify Life in the Garden

Greg Peterson

Farmer Greg has lived at the Urban Farm for 29 years.  His home was Phoenix's first environmental showcase for urban farming.  It is a 1/3-acre urban yard that features an entirely edible landscape – including: chickens, over 70 fruit trees, rainwater and greywater harvesting, solar applications, and extensive use of reclaimed and recycled building materials.

In 1974 at the age of 14 he wrote a paper for school on how we were overfishing the oceans.  He discovered permaculture in 1991 and that one concept transformed his life. Then in 1999 he went back to college to get a bachelor’s degree and a Masters in Urban and Environmental Planning in 2006.

Farmer Greg hosts the UrbanFarmPodcast.com, is a frequent radio and TV guest on all topics food related.

On his days off he hangs out in his garden with his sweetheart Heidi and their chickens, creating new projects and catching some rays.

Bill Osuch

Hydroponic Growing for Beginners: Technology Made Simple

Bill Osuch

Bill has been prepping and urban homesteading for over 10 years, and is one of the lead teachers at SelfReliantSchool.com. He is the father of 3 active, inquisitive boys who have followed him into geekdom. When he is not working on a project with his boys, he enjoys reading, traveling and target sports.

Leila Mireskandari

Let Your Kids Do the Gardening - To Build Confidence & Better Eating for Life

Leila Mireskandari

Leila Mireskandari is the founder of Kids' Growing City, changing the world one kids' garden at a time! She has transformed the lives of hundreds of children by training their parents and teachers to build kids' gardens and home and schools, with her online and in-person workshops and programs since 2013. Leila is a Permaculture designer who holds a Master's degree in Environmental Studies, focusing on food-growing education. Leila who is a recovering software developer of 15 years, believes in food justice for the world and is dedicating her life to educating and empowering young minds to take control of their food.

Tom Bartels

Supercharge Your Soil to Avoid Pests & Diseases

Tom Bartels

Tom Bartels lives in Durango CO at 6400 feet of elevation where he grows 1000 lbs of organic food in the 130-day season at his home each year. He’s been using biointensive methods since 2001, and shows others how to do the same, regardless of where they live or the size of their garden. He created Growfoodwell.com to help people learn how to use a natural systems approach to increase nutritional density per square foot while reducing labor. Tom has been an environmental educator for over 25 years and advocates an accelerated transition to organics and local food models for multiple benefits.

Michael Kilpatrick

Seed Starting 101 - Perfect Garden Transplants Every Time

Michael Kilpatrick

Michael is a farmer, presenter, inventor and entrepreneur who lives to help farmers apply business principles and practical, proven solutions to grow their businesses and simplify their lives. He has managed large certified organic farms and businesses, consulted for industry experts, and spoken at dozens of conferences.

Michael believes that anyone can farm if they have set up the right systems and understand what their customers need.

So, whether you are a gardener/want to be farmer who needs a start-up plan, or an experienced grower who needs to reduce the stress and hours you are working, Michael’s excited about helping you streamline your business and taking it to the next level.

Stacey Murphy, Your Host

10 Tips for Delicious Tomatoes and MORE of them (Beginner)

Tomatoes may be the most beloved vegetable in the garden, but they are definitely NOT the easiest to grow! Here are 10 of my best garden hacks to save you time and energy figuring out how to grow those precious tomatoes. Click here for Stacey's Tomato Variety Cheat Sheet

Crystal Meserole

How to grow a NON-STOP supply of nutrient dense greens (Beginner)

If you want to grow food that is packed with flavor and nutrients, there's good news... you can grow them ANYWHERE! Crystal walks you through a system that grows 8 servings of greens in just minutes each week. Click here to grab the two handouts that Crystal mentions in her presentation.

Kami McBride

3 Easy Rituals to Use Your Garden Herbs for Everyday Health & Wellness

It's one thing to grow all that delicious food in your garden, but how do you know that you are getting the most out of those precious nutrients in your body? Discover how herbs are the secret to your long term vitality, increasing your energy AND preventing chronic illnesses. These three strategies are so SIMPLE and POWERFUL! Nourishing you and your loved ones has never been so easy. Check out MORE from Kami here: http://livingawareness.com

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BONUS #1 from Stacey Murphy
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Growing Food Pest & Disease Free

Beat those Bugs BEFORE they Arrive! Discover preventative strategies to grow your food pest and disease free and save yourself tons of energy trying to fight them later. Includes natural, homemade recipes and remedies for deterring pests and fighting off diseases.

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Harvest Club - 2 Month Membership

The Harvest Club is all about taking your garden to the next level and helping you make progress quickly and efficiently. Join me LIVE for some personal support on Q&A calls. Not everyone's garden is the same: sometimes you need individual advice. If you can't attend live, no problem. Ask your questions ahead of time, and the calls will be recorded for you to listen to at your leisure.

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Your Kids Garden in 3 Pots

Here it is! The instructions for your kids to build a little garden all their own. It's fast and it works in small spaces, indoors or outdoors, any time of year! Your children will show more interest in trying new vegetables and exploring the natural world.

BONUS #4 from Leila Mireskandari & Kids Growing City
Value $47

Jumpstart Your Urban Farm

With Greg’s step-by-step guidance it won’t be long before you’re cultivating your own edible yard. In this life-changing course, you will learn: the 3 essential steps to becoming an urban farmer; the powerful distinction between “regenerative” and “sustainable”; how to use permaculture principles to examine your space and plan your urban farm or garden; why growing your own food is one of the most revolutionary ways to change the world; plus, you’ll gain access to a members-only Facebook page where you can share your progress and get help from Greg and other members of the Urban Farm community

BONUS #5 from Greg Peterson
Value $97

6 Ways to Keep Chickens

“After years and years of scraping, shoveling, and scrubbing chicken poop I now have a system that doesn’t require me to scrape, shovel, or scrub any chicken poop. After years and years of selling meat and eggs for just a hair more than I paid for the feed, I have almost eliminated feed costs.” - Paul Wheaton

In 6 Ways to Keep Chickens, Paul Wheaton of Permies.com, will guide you through his experience of raising a flock and what he believes is a better way to keep chickens.

BONUS #6 from Marjory Wildcraft with Paul Wheaton of the Grow Network
Value $47

How to Make Chili Oil eBook

Learn to make a delicious condiment that has a BIG IMPACT on your health.  With its antibacterial properties, digestive support and virus-fighting abilities, this recipe guide will help you spice up your health! Nothing in the store compares to home-made chili oil! This is a great way to start turning your garden into your medicine cabinet for health and wellness.

BONUS #7 from Kami McBride & Living Awareness
Value $18

Garden Hack Summit Cheat Sheets

Find the info you’re looking for from the summit fast with the cheat sheets of the biggest takeaways from each presentation. We've taken notes so that you don't have to! It's like transcripts but even better... because the information is condensed and organized for you.

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